Like stepping into an [generic addiction here] meeting

Like many a good/bad/ugly blogger I am too joining your world with a blog of my own unneeded opinions of life as a 20-something woman lost in a world of relationships, make up do’s and dont’s, caring about the world we live in and creating mild obsessional tenancies towards programmes like ‘Mr Selfridge‘. 

It was on a walk today with my iPhone [sorry for the name drop] listening away that I realised I am one of those people that oh so famous Baz Luhrmann [let’s face it, it is named after him so I should honour him by explaining why] and his very infamous song where he talks about how the older generation are lost and interesting with it. 

Being *almost* 30 and being in a situation where actually, I have no idea where I want my life to go from here… I thought I would share it with the world. Or at least anyone that casts their eyes over this. I am sure there are a few of us out there that are just bumbling through… wishing we had made youtube videos earlier and become ‘net famous’ with it or just chose a different degree, or even should of followed our dream of being a Vet/Lawyer/Doctor. But instead – we remain in Limbo.


So this blog is dedicated to the Wanderers of us. 

The Seekers

And the Lost. 

C’est la vie. Enjoy



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