Glass Half Full

In life, we all want to be positive and get the most from life. Even adverts tell us to make the most of ourselves.

“Be More Dog”

Be More Dog

And please don’t get me wrong… I want more out of mine.

But does anyone else think, that the world tells us to get more… but not how?

I want to be the best I can be, and I love the internet for advice but no one can ever beat a good book…

I am one of these people that has a selection of self help/motivational books. Not many… and some fun! I have the well known 101 Things To Do Before You Die

A book that gives you ideas for what to do “before you die”, now, if you get this, please don’t take it too seriously… It is just for fun! But it still has some ideas that you may of never thought of if it wasn’t shoved into your face! Like riding the biggest rollercoasters, to the extreme like getting arrested or having a threesome! [If you decide to get this book, best to hide it… unless you want everyone to know some quite personal achievements!!]

I have owned another book [Which seems to be misplaced.. My Bad] which had all the things you could do with every day off you have, teaches you how to not get burnt out and how to enjoy life. It was a good little read, but involved money. Which some of us just don’t have copious amounts of.

THEN I went through this stuck stage. I didn’t know what I wanted from life so when browsing the WHSmith in the hospital [I’m a nurse, its a common place for me] I came across this book:

Get Things Done.

Now. This is a book that doesn’t tell you what to do, but instead helps you get your head around what is missing from your life. There are graphs where YOU have to number where you think you are in that area.

It makes you visualise what is keeping you back.

Which is why I found it so beneficial. I have had this book for a year and I use it like a coursework book, I go back to it when I have hit a brick wall and re analyse my life. It puts things back into focus.

It is an extremely helpful tool, and one I would recommend to anyone.

The author shows you his own life failings to give you perspective on what life is really like then he helps you set goals. Goals you set all by yourself so only you can know if you achieve them and only you can let yourself down.

So if you are having a “brick-wall” moment… Its definitely one I would read.

In fact… In future posts I will show you little examples of what he does to get you to think outside your boxed room and step into the bright lights of life.

Let’s get things done People

P.s. PLEASE tell me of any books you would recommend, or even websites that make you want to get up off that couch and live! 🙂 



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