Choosing the Perfect Blog Name: Sass & Balderdash

This girl is worth a read, her humour is pleasant and refreshing

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From the witty to the quirky, we love great blog names, and are always happy to talk with bloggers who’ve come up with names like Paper and Salt and The Importance of Being Serbian.

Today, we’re thrilled to chat with Katie Hoffman. She’s the multitalented, supremely funny writer behind Sass & Balderdash, a blog that covers topics ranging from weight loss to pop culture, always with Katie’s signature wit. Katie also contributes to humor blog Long Awkward Pause, which we recently featured on Hot Off the Press.

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Like stepping into an [generic addiction here] meeting

Like many a good/bad/ugly blogger I am too joining your world with a blog of my own unneeded opinions of life as a 20-something woman lost in a world of relationships, make up do’s and dont’s, caring about the world we live in and creating mild obsessional tenancies towards programmes like ‘Mr Selfridge‘. 

It was on a walk today with my iPhone [sorry for the name drop] listening away that I realised I am one of those people that oh so famous Baz Luhrmann [let’s face it, it is named after him so I should honour him by explaining why] and his very infamous song where he talks about how the older generation are lost and interesting with it. 

Being *almost* 30 and being in a situation where actually, I have no idea where I want my life to go from here… I thought I would share it with the world. Or at least anyone that casts their eyes over this. I am sure there are a few of us out there that are just bumbling through… wishing we had made youtube videos earlier and become ‘net famous’ with it or just chose a different degree, or even should of followed our dream of being a Vet/Lawyer/Doctor. But instead – we remain in Limbo.


So this blog is dedicated to the Wanderers of us. 

The Seekers

And the Lost. 

C’est la vie. Enjoy